Monday, September 5, 2011

Silver Recovery/Extraction Machine
Silver recovery business is very profitable. If you recover/extract silver through machine, you have to spend lot of money to purchase this machine. What if you recover/extract your silver from waste fixer/hypo solution /x-ray film/photographic waste material from hospitals and clinics without silver recovery machine by spending only few rupees on chemicals? Is not it thrilling? Another reality is that if you recover/extract silver through chemical process, silver recovery is hundred percent, and takes very little time. Whereas machine requires lot of time and you don’t get hundred percent silver recovery through it.
Benefit yourself from our thirty years of experience in this field and make yourself a rich man very soon. You can bring a revolution in your life, and have all your dreams come true in a very short time.
You can either learn it from us at our unit in Delhi or you may have an online training in an equally effective manner.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

How much per litre silver recovery/extraction from waste hypo/fixer solution
During the past week, I received many mails asking me about the correct per litre silver recovery from waste/spent up hypo/fixer solution. Well, here, I would like to clarify one thing that you can’t always get the same amount of silver from all the lots of fixer and hypo solutions that you pick up from different places. It solely depends on how much x-ray or photographic films have been washed in the fixer/hypo solution. Because sometimes, the solutions are not completely spent up/exhausted and the silver recovery is lesser. Apart from this another very significant factor is that some of the technicians, be it government hospitals or private clinics are dishonest also. They steal the fixer/hypo solution, and sell it stealthily, and mix the equal amount of water with the solutions. The senior officers hardly care or know about it. And because of this, the inexperienced buyers (newcomers in the trade) suffer losses. That’s why the answer to “How much per litre silver recovery/extraction from waste hypo/fixer solution” is not always the same. But you don’t have to worry; there are ways to determine the quantity of silver in hypo/fixer solution before we purchase it.
We provide training for silver and gold recovery/extraction from different kinds of solutions and waste materials such as computer scrap and all other types of electronic waste. Our methods are very easy, less time consuming, cost effective and pollution free. You don’t require any machine for it. The cost of equipment is very little. You can learn it online also.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silver Extraction or Silver Recovery Business from Fixer and Hypo Solution

Silver Extraction or Silver Recovery Business from Fixer and Hypo Solution
You get your money back with a lot of profit immediately-the same day-in few hours. That is the reason why many people want to start the most talked about and profitable business of Silver Recovery or Silver Extraction now a days. In every city whether big or small, you find government hospitals and a great number of private x-ray clinics from where you can get lot of fixer and hypo solution at a reasonable rate and make lot of money.
People who are in the Silver Extraction or Silver Recovery Business from Fixer and Hypo Solution use old silver recovery methods and create lot of pollution. They want to get rid of it, but don’t get proper guidance, and that way the old harmful methods continue. We have developed some very fast methods to recover silver not only from fixer and hypo solution, but from all the other silver containing solutions. The whole process of Silver Recovery or Silver Extraction takes about two to three hours. And the best thing about this process is that it is smoke-free-creates no pollution, and it involves no machine either you get the silver of 999 purity from this process. You can easily sell it anywhere in gold and silver market just in any city.
I find people talking about Silver Extraction or Silver Recovery Business from Fixer and Hypo Solution, but it is not so, very heavy quantity of silver is used in electronic industry globally every year. Due to the lack of knowledge, people concentrate on recovering or extracting silver from fixer and hypo solution only. You will be surprised to know that lot of silver containing items lying in your house are carelessly dumped into the dust bin. If you really want to know all about that in detail please click on the link below:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Silver Recovery or Silver Extraction from Machine

Silver Recovery or Silver Extraction from Machine
Silver recovery from different materials such as relays, spent up silver solutiuon is a very hot issue these days. We see silver price shooting up again, and it is a good sign for those who are in silver recovery business.
I find lot of people on the net who want to know about  Silver Recovery or Silver Extraction from Machine. Well, those who want to sell their silver recovery machines will never tell the customer that these silver recovery machines are not hundred percent successful in silver recovery or silver extraction from all the materials that have silver. They can normally recover silver from silver containing  solutions, and that too not completely. Whereas if you recover silver from the silver solution chemically, it  removes silver from the solution completly. Different chemicals can be used for different silver containing solutions. You can recover silver chemically from almost everything.
These days computer keyboards are also a good source of silver. Computer keyboards are available in big quantities. And, you don’t require any machine to extract silver from them. Silver can be very easily removed from keyboards with very little cost in a pollution free manner. Silver recovery machines don’t work on removing silver from keyboards.
Silver recovery or silver extraction machine manufacturers make lot of money by selling them. You can easily make silver recovery machine at home also. It does not cost much. Silver recovery machine that costs the manufacturers from rupees five thousand to rupees ten thousand is sold for about fifty thousand rupees.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gold Silver Extraction from Computers

Gold Silver Extraction from Computers
Gold Recovery from Aqua Regia, Gold from Computer Chips, and gold from computers are some of the captions with which I receive a great number of mails every day. This is because Gold Recycling business is very profitable and it attracts more and more people towards it.
Today, there is no dearth of people on the net who suggest you through videos and articles about Gold Silver Extraction from Computers with titles such as Gold Silver recycling, Gold Recovery, Gold Recovery Techniques, Gold Extraction from Waste etc. the prospects of Gold Silver Extraction from Waste are getting better and better with everyday increase in the use of electronic devices.
There are many easy methods to Extract Gold Silver from computers and other Electronic Waste in a short time and make lot of money. And this business can be started with little investment also at a small place in an environment friendly manner. As mentioned above, the availability of the raw material is no problem.
I have thirty years of experience in this field, I feel very happy to help out people if they have any problem regarding the Extraction of Precious Metals from any kind of E-waste.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Recover Gold from CPU

How to Recover Gold from CPU
Hundreds of thousands of people search answer to their question on the net by keywords like How to Extract Gold from CPU, How to Recover Gold from Processor or Extracting Gold from Processor etc. Well from all this, we come to know about the curiosity of the people all over the world who are interested to know about the Gold Recovery Process from Processors.
I often find people on the net, asking about the exact gold recovery from CPU, there is lot of confusion about it. The fact is that only few people have the correct information about the correct gold recovery from CPU. At the time of the birth of CPU, gold was quite cheap. So, obviously early stage CPU had more gold. One kilogram of CPUS of 386 & 486 has about six and a half to seven grams of gold. Now with the advancing technology and the increasing price of gold, the use of this precious metal in the processor has been reduced considerably.
When we discuss about How to Recover Gold from CPU, we must also keep in mind that extracting gold from CPU is not as easy as explained by many in the videos on the net. Because practical experience counts a lot, so, the best thing would be to do it under the guidance of a trained person. In today’s busy world even an online presence of the guide will do.
The best method to remove gold from CPU is Aqua Regia Process. Aqua Regia is a mixture of one part of nitric acid and three parts of hydrochloric acid. It should be handled carefully since the nature of these acids is corrosive. For this you may either use a plastic tub or a glass vessel
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silver Recovery from X-ray Film

Silver Recovery from X-ray Film
Silver extraction from x-ray and other photographic waste such as Hypo and Fixer solution etc. is a very systematic trade. About 27 percent of the silver produced every year is used in photographic industry globally. In India lot of Silver Recovery Process Units are extracting silver from X-ray films and used Hypo and Fixer Solutions. These units employ sodium hydroxide Method for Silver Recovery from X-ray Film. But that method is too old and time consuming. Now lot of new silver Extraction Methods from X-ray Films have come. They are less expensive and less time consuming also. In India you get an added advantage when you extract silver from x-ray film, and that is that after removing silver from the x-ray film, you can get a good price for your plain washed sheet, which is blue in colour. You can get around Rs.80 per kg for fresh x-ray sheet. That way you make money from silver as well as from the washed x-ray film.
The best thing about this business is that it can be started with little investment and it does not require much space also. You can do it in a fifty square yard (properly ventilated) area or even less. Two types of x-ray films are available in the market. One is fresh x-rays another one is second quality of x-ray films which is collected by the poor street boys from trash cans and public dumps as a means of their livelihood and sold to the scrap dealer of the city. You just can’t imagine what a huge quantity of used x-ray films is collected every day in every city and the money that the owners of silver extraction units make from this.
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